Dollar closes lower on Tuesday after overcoming R $ 4 the day before

22 de December de 2015 By tripe

“The market is a bit without rationality because the volume is very low at the end of the year and the uncertainties are very strong,” he told Reuters managing operator of an international bank resources. “Yesterday soared, now has room to fall, especially with the more favorable external environment.”

Since Friday, the dollar is pressed for the appointment of Nelson Barbosa to replace Joaquim Levy at the Ministry of Finance. Although Barbosa has reinforced the importance of the adjustment of public accounts in his speeches, operators fear that his appointment signals relaxation of fiscal discipline.

In this session, however, traders adjusted their portfolios after high expressive in the last two sessions. The more positive mood in foreign markets also favored the setting, with oil prices running near stability after reaching the minimum in 11 years amid hopes of new stimulus in China.

The move was marked by low turnover in Brazil in the penultimate session before the Christmas holiday. “With the proximity of year-end holidays, the turnover tends to decrease,” he told Reuters operator brokerage SLW John Paul Correa de Gracia.

He added, however, that “local players should show little willingness to take risks to see in practice the new finance minister … fulfill the promise to seek the balance of public accounts”.

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Cade sues to investigate 21 companies for cartel at Petrobras

By tripe

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade), an agency under the Ministry of Justice, opened on Tuesday (22) administrative proceedings to determine whether 21 companies and 59 people – executives and employees of companies – have come together to practice cartel at Petrobras. According to Cade, the sum of the contracts for which there is evidence of the performance of the “club of contractors” is $ 35 billion.

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Daniela Arbex

Daniela Arbex